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ABS Warning Light

When you notice your anti-lock brake system light comes on and stays on in your vehicle, bring your car to the experts at Danvers Auto Engineering. Our shop provides ABS warning light repair to customers in Danvers, MA, Peabody, MA, Beverly, MA, and surrounding communities.

What Happens When the ABS Light Comes On?

When your vehicle’s ABS warning light comes on, this means that your anti-lock brake system has deactivated. Your brakes will brake as usual, however, a wheel could lock or your vehicle could spin when the brakes are applied.

If your ABS light comes on and stays on, it is necessary to bring your vehicle to our shop immediately. Our mechanics will diagnose and treat the problem quickly, and get you and your vehicle back on the road.

Other Signs of ABS System Problems

If your anti-lock brake system warning light comes on, it may be a sign of another issue. Typically, the ABS light indicates a malfunction in one of your vehicle’s wheel sensors. An illuminated warning light may also be the indicator of low brake fluid levels, loss of hydraulic pressure in one of the brake circuits, or another issue.

Our mechanics are trained to pinpoint the exact problem and then provide professional ABS system repair.

When you notice you ABS light comes on, don’t put off visiting our shop. Restore your safety with a thorough ABS system repair.

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